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"It costs us nothing to be just" -- Henry David Thoreau

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Selected Readings and Essays

The Participatory Mind:

A New Theory of Knowledge and of the Universe

By Henryk Skolimowski

Edited By David Skrbina

A comprehensive study of panpsychism in Western philosophy.  Newly updated and expanded in 2017.

The Routledge Handbook of Panpsychism provides a high-level comprehensive examination and assessment of the subject—its history and contemporary development.

A fundamental critique of modern technological society, written by Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber.  Includes approximately 100 pages of "Letters to David Skrbina".

The first ever book-length study of the metaphysics of technology.  Offers an incisive critique of modern technology, and defends a strong form of technological determinism:  that technology is beyond human control, and poses significant dangers to humanity and the planet.

A defense of the view that Jesus was a mere mortal, an ordinary man, who was crucified as a social agitator against the Roman Empire.  The 'divine' or 'Biblical' Jesus was a subsequent construction by St. Paul and friends as a way of weakening the masses and thus undermining support for Rome.  A shocking and well-documented study.

The Calling

A concept poem-book, scintillating and powerful.  The stars speak to us.  What do they say?

Son of God, Son of the Sun

A compelling life-story of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Akhenaten.  A beautiful exposition of his life and philosophy, by author Savitri Devi.  Edited and revised by David Skrbina.

Mind That Abides

First major anthology of new writings on panpsychism.

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Publications by Henryk Skolimowski

--Edited by D. Skrbina--

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Skolimowski thus offers us something startlingly new:  a “religion for our times.”  This is no New-Age philosophy, no fuzzy-headed wishful thinking.  This is serious philosophical innovation by an Oxford-trained philosopher, in an area of gravest concern.  Eco-theology is badly needed today; our very survival depends on it.

By Henryk Skolimowski

A collection of essays in honor of Henryk Skolimowski's 80th birthday, by a variety of authors.

Autobiography of one of the truly great philosophers of the modern era, Henryk Skolimowski.  Includes his whole life story, encounters with notable and famous figures, two milestone essays, and a section of color photos.

A small book of poetry and enlightenment--words of light and life.

A small booklet of an imaginary dialogue with a star, "Annabel."  Stars embody both the light and the collective wisdom of the universe, and hence we can learn much from them.  An inspiring encounter.

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