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  Professional Philosopher  

  • University of Michigan, Dearborn (2003-2018)   
  • University of Gent, Belgium (2008)                           
  • Michigan State University (2011)                                
  • Eastern Michigan University (2006-2007)             

Featured Publications

Panpsychism in the West (rev. edition)


Technological Slavery

(revised edition)

("Letters to D. Skrbina")

PANHAND cover.jpg

Handbook of Panpsychism

(two chapters)

The Calling


The Metaphysics of Technology

Son of God, Son of the Sun

The Jesus Hoax

Mind That Abides

Click on the link below for a recent debate at Wayne State University

"Is Jesus a Hoax?"

David Skrbina, featured by the German Heavy Metal Band "Implore"....

Track 8 "Ecocide," from the album Subjugate

by Implore


David Skrbina (sker-BEE-na), PhD, was a senior lecturer at the University of Michigan, Dearborn from 2003 to 2018.  His areas of interest include philosophy of mind, eco-philosophy, philosophy of technology, and environmental ethics. 


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